About MovingOverseas.Life

Moving Overseas will help you plan every aspect of moving abroad then, once you get there, help you settle down in your new life”.

Moving Overseas is a website set up to help anyone who is considering moving abroad. No matter what country you think you would love to live in.


Michelle (flashing the peace sign) with friends at Bangkok’s Grand Palace

The site was founded by British/American journalist Michelle Topham, who has emigrated to three countries herself (the United States, Thailand and, recently, Austria).

She has spent many years living or traveling in more than 100 countries, so she has a plethora of information and tips to share for anyone who feels like they have the spirit to move abroad but are still a little fuzzy on some of the details required to get there.

Initially, Moving Overseas will concentrate on the countries Michelle is the most familiar with — the United States, Thailand, Austria, Spain and the United Kingdom¬† — but as time goes on, more and more information will be added to the site by others who are experts on their part of the world, until we eventually cover every country on the planet.

Our information is checked for accuracy but, if you happen to read an article and find something you feel is not completely accurate, feel free to send us a link to the correct information and we will immediately update ours.

You can do that at [email protected].

Until then, search Moving Overseas for the information you are looking for to help you get started on your new life. And keep checking back, as we add new articles every day.

Meanwhile, thank you for arriving at Moving Overseas. We value every reader and hope you keep coming back!

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