7 reasons why working overseas could be a good career move back home

While tens of millions of people around the world decide to move overseas, not every one of them has the intention of making it a permanent move.

Some people move due to their jobs, while others want the experience of living abroad for a couple of years but always plan on moving back home and picking their career up where they left off.

If your move overseas is a temporary one, and you will still be of working age when you move back home, you may be happy to know working overseas could be a good career move.

In fact, these six reasons why working overseas could be good for your career may just have you applying for jobs abroad and leaving as soon as you can.

You will learn a new language

You may be surprised to know just how many employers would hire someone who can speak a second or even a third language.

With much of a country’s business now being global, it is no wonder so many companies are looking for employees that speak Spanish, German, Greek, Thai or Mandarin Chinese.

In other words, if you do work overseas in a country whose language is not your own, make sure you pick up the language while you are there.

Multi-lingual employees can demand higher salaries than those that are not, and will often be at the head of the queue when it comes to handing out jobs.

Working in Bangkok could make you more confident and independent

You have proven you are a confident, independent person

Moving overseas shows a potential employer you are likely to be a confident, independent person who can make bold decisions and then follow through on them.

These characteristics are often in high demand in the job market, especially when it comes to multi-national companies who want employees with the confidence to get things done by themselves.

Moving abroad is usually also only done by people who have good organizational skills (just think about how organized you have to be to legally move to a different country!), and who are able to adapt to new situations and experiences.

All skills highly prized by many companies.

You get along with people from different cultures

Working overseas could be a good career move when you get back to your home country as many employers believe someone who moves abroad can easily get along with people from other cultures.

While you may think that is normal, most employers will tell you its not.

That is why they will often look for someone with experience working overseas.

They know that person is less likely to make cultural faux pas with international customers, and far more likely to be able to adapt to the way they expect business to be done.

The contacts you make while overseas

If you work overseas in a similar field to the one you were in back home, you will also make international contacts in that field.

When you move back to your home country and look for a new job, that is one important thing you can point out to a potential new employer.

After all, due to your various jobs overseas, you may just have a network of contacts in Thailand, China, Brazil, Austria, Spain or Ireland that they could have trouble setting up for themselves.

A more interesting resume/CV

While other people applying for the same jobs as you will often have similar resumes or CVs, yours will stand out as it will have jobs on it in countries many employers have never even been to.

Just imagine an employer who is looking for someone to fill a new marketing position, with three candidates he is having difficulty deciding between.

Two candidates have similar experience in marketing firms back home. You have experience in a Thai, German, Italian, South African or Mexican marketing firm and, because of that, will have completely different ideas to bring to the table.

Many employers will jump at the chance of hiring you due to your jobs overseas, as you could bring in a much needed breath of fresh air to the company and its current way of working.

You can demand a higher salary

People who have been working overseas can often demand a higher salary back home than those who never left.

This is due to overseas companies often paying more, and your potential employer knowing you do not want to take a pay cut.

It can also be because your skills are more well-rounded, more advanced and more useful than they would have been if you had never left your own country.

In some cases, you may even have learned skills that are impossible to have unless you worked overseas.

Dealing with international customs from the receiving side comes to mind.

Your own personal growth

Working overseas could be a good career move back home as you will find you grow much faster abroad than you do in your own little world back home.

You can’t help but experience rapid personal growth when you are dealing with situations you would never have had to deal with at home in the UK, U.S., China, Brazil, Nepal or Guatemala.

Situations that involve immigration officials, custom officials and customers who speak a language you do not understand.

Situations in which you have to negotiate prices or contracts, or deal with managerial problems that do not exist in your own country.

Cultures that are so removed from your own, half of what they do was unfamiliar to you when you got there.


Heck, I experienced personal growth during the two military coups I lived through while living in Thailand.

I grew as a person dealing with the floods that flooded over one third of the country including my neighborhood in Bangkok for almost six weeks.

And I was a completely different person after I had lived in Bangkok for 15 years, having to adapt to constantly changing Thai immigration regulations, working predominantly with Thais and learning how to thrive in a work environment markedly different to any I had ever experienced before.

Move and work overseas for a certain length of time and you could experience so much personal growth, jobs you were not qualified for before you left are now ones you might even turn down.

Where to find jobs overseas

If you want to work overseas, you can start looking for a job on Easy Expat’s job board, on the job platform Overseas Jobs and on Monster’s country specific international jobs sections.